Clean Up Organize and Purge

Welcome all Home Owners this a Spring not many people will ever forget. With that said Everything has is a Beginning, a Middle and an End. So if you are wanting to move and put your house on the Market  here are some Steps you can do to prepare you to SELL!!!

(1)  CLEANING is number #1. with Cleaning also comes Maintenance.

(a) Cleaning Furnace Filters, HRV’s and hosing debris off your A/C unit – 3 most important

(b) Clean Eavestrough – get down spouts down and make sure the extenders are on

(c) Wash Windows and Put Screens back in

(d) Lawn Care – add additional Color with Annuals – Curb Appeal Very Important

Now that you have done some basic maintenance outside we can start on the inside.

Download your favourite Decade of Music and Turn It Up… Way Up and Know at the end of this a Glass of Wine is waiting.

(2) ORGANIZE – You can’t clean without Purging

(a) I actually have a closet that I toss all my old clothes in until I’m ready to donate them. Also have empty Rubbermaid containers around to pack unneeded stuff away  or  to donation.

(b)  Take it one Room at a Time. Be Critical of your Space. Maybe it needs a fresh coat of Paint instead of just doing Touch Ups

(c) Wash Down and Dust all those places you haven’t got to in awhile

Cleanliness is the difference between a Good Price and a Great Price. Pack away, Donate or Throw Away like you are to Moving. It makes Moving easier later on.

(d) Don’t forget about your Garage.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have the time or energy to do everything Hire the people you need to  get it done. This is an Inexpensive Investment in your Home – Guaranteed