Before You Buy

The key to a successful real estate transaction is preparation.  Real estate is probably going to be one of the largest financial decisions of your life.  First and for most is to find a mortgager you can trust and fell confident in. This does not have to be your bank you are currently dealing with it can be a different bank or a mortgage broker. Once you have found your mortgage adviser you need to discuss Options of a Down Payment 5%, 10%,20%, Interest Rates, Amortization ( length of time) and what will suit your personal financial situation. Once you have submitted all your financials you will get a pre-approved which is your budget for you to know the price range to start shopping for your Dream Home.

When You Are Ready

You will need a Partner in Real Estate to help guide you in finding what your needs and wants are. It is so important to have an open relationship with your agent so they will have your best interest at heart and help navigate you through sometimes daunting and complex process. Buying a house seems like a pretty simple concept and everyone thinks they are an experts because they own their own home. I’m not saying don’t take advise from family and friends, absolutely but  Laws and Regulations change continuously so making sure you have the confidence in your Agent’s ability is of the utmost importance.

Great Information for First Home Buyers.