Many things to consider when thinking about selling your home.

Where do You start? My job as a Realtor is to help you prepare and get ready for one of  life’s biggest changes… MOVING.

You may need more space for a growing family, thinking about downsizing for retirement,  ready to look for your first home, looking to invest ,the list goes on and on. Start by talking to friends and family about who they would recommend, don’t be afraid to shop around and interview a couple of agents. Don’t fall into the highest price trap because usually what happens is the property stays on the market far too long feelings of frustration set in and things fall apart. Education of the market is key and a fair price attracts more buyers and more exposure. We are also there to prep you in making your home Show Room ready. Cleanliness and maintenance is the first thing people notice and it usually the least expensive approach in getting your house to sell quickly.  At the end of the day working together will pay off and your house is SOLD .